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Deformační nástroj (Terrain Tool) je velký obouruční nástroj k úpravě terénu a těžení surovin. Jedná se o základní výbavu všech Astroneerů. Při používán deformačního nástroje zabraňuje úchopu platforem a jiných předmětů. Ve vypnutém stavu se zabrání nechtěné úpravě terénu a je snadnější uchopovat předměty a platformy. Nástroj má tři úložná místa pro malé Položky: dvě na pravé straně a jednu nahoře. Kanystry jsou běžně umístěny přímo na Deformační nástroj.

Terraforming[editovat | editovat zdroj]

An Astroneer using the Deform Tool in Lower mode.

Astroneers can use the Deformační nástroj to lower, raise, and flatten the shape of terrain on whatever celestial body they happen to find themselves, all at the pull of a trigger.

Excavate Mode[editovat | editovat zdroj]

The Deformační nástroj's "Dig/Excavate" mode can be used to dig out terrain, for creating ditches, digging tunnels, and gathering Resources. All Soil gathered goes into any unfilled Canisters attached to the player's Deformační nástroj or Backpack.

Elevate Mode[editovat | editovat zdroj]

By engaging "Raise/Elevate" mode ("Alt" key by default), the Deformační nástroj expends stored Soil in order to raise the terrain. Use this function alongside level mode to create ramps and walls. Using the Elevate mode requires enough Soil from stored Canisters.

Flatten Mode[editovat | editovat zdroj]

"Flatten/Level" mode ("Ctrl" key by default) is used to flatten terrain to the angle of the currently-selected terrain's voxel. The Deformační nástroj will take a sample of the target terrain's grade, specifically of the triangle the middle dot points at, when activated, replicating that grade over the desired area. This method is an excellent way to generate smooth ramps for large vehicles or quickly cover dangerous holes and chasms. Using the Level mode requires enough Soil from stored Canisters in order to fill in gaps, and will refill the canisters using terrain that is dug into.

Resource Collection[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Any resource nodes that are broken free of the terrain using the Terrain Tool will be shattered into small flakes and sucked up by the Tool like a vacuum. These pieces will automatically stack on the rear port of the Tool until there are enough to form a full Resource stack. If there are no inventory slots available, the stack will drop to the ground behind the Tool.

If a different resource type is collected, the current half-finished stack will be preserved in its own virtual inventory; it will be restored the next time you gather the same resource type again.

Augments[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Comparison of Tool effect area sizes

The Deformační nástroj comes with 3 empty slots that can be attached with augments that can alter the functionality of the Deformační nástroj

  • Inhibitor Mod: Allows the collection of surface materials and coloring of terrain without deforming the voxels of said terrain.
  • Wide Mod: Increases the terraforming radius
  • Narrow Mod: Reduces the terraforming radius
  • Alignment Mod: Creates a flat plane based on the direction of gravity.
  • Terrain Analyzer: Stores the color of the mined terrain, to be reused later to paint the terrain with the stored color

Warning: If the Wide Mod and the Narrow Mod get placed at the same time in the Terrain Tool, the one closest to the top will be the used, alongside the futher away, will be deactivated

Other Functions[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • Soil Hose: Flashes at different frequencies to reflect where soil is moving, and how quickly.
  • Additional Storage Slots: The Deformační nástroj's augmentation slots can be used to store any small objects
  • Widget usage: Allows any Malé Modules such as the Small Solar Panel and Small Battery to be used from the Deformační nástroj
  • Painting: With the combination of the Zplošťovací mód and the Analyzátor terénu, and the brush tools, terrain color can be altered to match whatever the Analyzer stores

Terrain Tool Nicknames[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • Terrain Tool
  • Terrain Brush
  • Terrain Gun
  • Deform Tool
  • Terraformer
  • Tool

Trivia[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • Adam mentioned the Deformační nástroj's model is based on a leaf blower.
  • It's possible to jump and then build terrain beneath the player, allowing one to craft a large vertical column to stand on.
  • It's possible to dig beneath vehicles that have become embedded in the ground to free them, though special care must be taken to dig far enough beneath them to prevent causing them to sink deeper.
  • Elevating terrain beneath any superficial objects automatically detaches them from the terrain, meaning that the Terrain Tool can easily place a small amount of soil on ceilings or floors to completely remove stalactites, harvest plants, or send large boulders flying.